We invite companies to collaborate

We are looking for companies who want to learn more about sustainability design or who have already identified sustainability design as a key success factor for future software and systems engineering. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at stefanie.betz@kit.edu and norbert.seyff@fhnw.ch.

As researchers, we would like to better understand how companies deal with sustainability design issues. We would like to jointly investigate what benefits and limitations accompany your current development approach when it comes to sustainability design, and we would like to understand the sustainability design challenges you are currently facing. This information will enable us to provide new scientific insights which can be used to stimulate more and in-depth research in this crucial field.

What is the benefit for your company?

First, we can support you in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current development approach with regard to sustainability design. Second, we can support you in improving your current development approach to better meet sustainability design goals.

What do we provide for you?

We will provide you with an analysis on your company’s current state with regard to sustainability using questionnaires and interviews with selected employees. Working with us could also mean that we are willing to perform an analysis of selected development artifacts produced in your projects. The analysis results we provide will support you in better understanding your development process. Our feedback could include guidelines and support on how to improve your current design and development process with respect to sustainability.

What do we expect you to do?

We need you to commit some time and give us access to (key) employees. Depending on the type of project we agree on, we would like to have access to your development artifacts (e.g., requirements documentation, design specification, code repository, user documentation, process and workflow documentation). All this information will of course be treated confidentially.

What’s your expected resource investment?

Your resource involvement depends entirely on what we agree on. It might vary from a couple of hours that you and your employees need to invest, e.g. to fill out an online questionnaire, to a couple of days for a few interviews and a more in-depth analysis of artifacts.